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     Here you will find special pages created for the Designed By Women Community.  These pages were created from our loyal community members!  Thank you all so much for your loyalty and lovely pages.  You are all such a huge inspiration to us all!
Anniversary Page From Gracie

Dedication Pages
DTigerWoman - Catoe Country
Denisse - Silent Dreamz
Marty - A Friend In Need
Joanne - Joanns Domain
Melody - Melody's Designs
ShadoeRose - ShadoeRose's Mystical Realm
Karen - CaringKaren's
Sealights - DBW Dedication
Faith - Faiths's Fantasy
Margaret - Margaret's Pages
Winaan - Textured Rainbows
The Witch Mask - The Witch Mask
Jacquie - Premiere Designs
Andrea - Pieces Of My Heart
Doris - Dee's Den
Patty - Designs By Patty
Michele - Michele's Personal Place
Gracie - Gracie Mimi's Dedication
LadyLibra2U - LadyLibra's Home On The Web
Lyssa - Sky Spirit
Deb - Gateway To My Online Classroom
Suzan - Sue's Art Site
Mystmaria - Brendan & Maria's Website
Nickie - Two Eyed Woman's Look
Jemima - Jemima's Web Graphics
Lady Mystic - Mystic's Realm
Pat 'aka' Toto - Toto's Graphics

Special Pages Recieved
Gifts Recieved
Dedication Rally
Special Poems
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