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     Here you will find special poems written for the Designed By Women Community.  These poems were written from our loyal community members.  Thank you all so much for your loyalty and lovely poems.  You are all such a huge inspiration to us all!
Lovely poem written by one of our new members Jacquie

A Poem I Wrote To You...

Leary and shy
this is all so new
A large community
I've met only a few...

The talent astounds me
their site's "top-notch"
I'll look...I'll listen
and learn as I watch...

The day will come soon
they'll reach out their hand
I'll respond with a smile
and finally understand...

Not just a gathering
of talent is this
how could I possibly
be so amiss?

A place to call "Home"
and share all of me
means "We"

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